Caribbean Musician

Live music and having live musicians will accent any event, whether it’s a cocktail, conference, summer party, lunch, dinner or significant celebration. Caribbean Musician is the service provider you go to when you need to have your event accented with live music. There is the ease of having a soloist deliver for a few moments, to maybe a string quartet, full band or even a combo making the event memorable, you name the event and Caribbean Musician can provide the musician. Caribbean Musician has provided from steel pan player to conch shell blower, violinists, singers and live band, playing in all genres.

Caribbean Musician produces a festival called The 100 Voice Project every August since 2010 in Barbados. Musicians in all genres meet in Barbados to collaborate and raise funds for various charities.

Services Offered:

Live musicians:

Singer(s): Jazz vocalists, classical, spiritual, Caribbean pop to name a few.

Singers(s): Soloists, Small group to Choir

Instrumentalist(s): e.g Steel pan players, violinists, saxophonists, trumpeters, organist, and pianists

Band/Small Combo: Soloists three piece combo, to full band (calypso/reggae/pop)

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